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Post  FiveSevenF350 on November 4th 2012, 8:02 am

Just found you guys. I read through some of the posts and you seemed like sort of a sketchy bunch so I thought I'd fit right in! I've got a Torch Red 57 F350 Platform with the original dump stake body hydraulics that I've has for about 17 years. I got my first 57 F350 in 1989 and since then I've has as many as half a dozen 57-60 F100-F350's at a time, most of them runners, and a total of 12 in all. I'm back down to this one and, as long as I want to stay married, It'll probably stay that way. My truck got a little dent in the hood, grill bar and fender a few years ago and the rear main seal on the 67 390 was leaking so I did the right and rational thing and completely disassembled the entire truck to the last nut, sent the engine out for rebuilding, sandblasted the frame and started over. One day soon it'll be up and running again and looking at least as good as in the pictures. The drive train's back in, cab is on and it's going out for exhaust work soon. Baby steps... Gooooood Morning QBIbtsGooooood Morning EttezsGooooood Morning Ua7jxs


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