Starting up again

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Starting up again

Post  Sam the Male Nurse on July 8th 2014, 2:49 pm

Hey all, my name is Sam. I have a 57 ford F100 with a straight 6, 3 speed that was originally a mail-truck that was converted back to a regular pickup by my grandpa. After he passed my mom inherited it. I took it over in high school and refinished the cab only after opting to remove the bed since it had so much damage. I was in auto body in high school and refinished the entire cab including some welding and a lot off bondo, primer, paint, and clear coat for the bargain price off $110. Big shout out to Mr. Eaton for his expert advice and mentoring along the way. After graduation I left for the Army. Leaving it behind to sit and wait for me to return. Well, Its been 14 years and I'm ready to start again. I have a parts truck with no engine or drive train but it has a bed that is straight and the tailgate is intact and functions. So, I'll start there and remove the bed but I'll hold off on installing it until the end.

I'm going to have a lot of stupid questions in the coming months to years. Try to be patient.

Here are some pics of the "new" bed. Unfortunately all my pics of the cab are on paper it was all before digital media. I'll work on getting some more.

Sam the Male Nurse

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Post  Admin on July 16th 2014, 4:16 pm

Nice truck. Thank you for joining. Bill

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