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Hello from Virginia Beach, VA Empty Hello from Virginia Beach, VA

Post  adambomb37 on January 14th 2011, 12:51 am

Haven't had an old car or truck to tinker with since I moved back from PA. Had to sell my 65 chevy truck and 68 mustang. Well the bug bit me and I found a 59 f100 locally that had my name all over it. I don't see them on the roads anywhere and she has great character. She's rough but there isn't anything that I can't take care of. I have started doing panel replacement in a friends 55 chevy and gained the confidence of being able to repair or replace anything. I have big plans for my truck. I will be starting with stance and ride height. Then I'll tackle body work and custom tricks I have planned. I'm looking at being able to finally drive it in about 2 years, but she probably won't be done. This forum is going to be my main source of inspiration and information. Thanks, Bill.

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Hello from Virginia Beach, VA Empty Re: Hello from Virginia Beach, VA

Post  Admin on January 14th 2011, 1:13 am

Thanks for joining. Cool truck I have a 59 also. Do you know about our facebook group? If not here's the link. Bill

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