Hello, nice to me y'all 1959 4x4 F-100/350

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Hello, nice to me y'all 1959 4x4 F-100/350

Post  jkeough on December 4th 2013, 11:33 am

Howdy, my name's Josh, I've been the proud owner of a 59 F-100 for about 8 years now and have just been working on my project as of late. I have a truck that started out life as a F-100, big back window, fleet side/style side long bed, 292 V8, 4 spd, 4WD. I bought the truck as a project that didn't run for $500 when I was 18. It had been a resto-mod job in the late 70's early 80's that someone had done. It had been the recipient of a 462 CI Lincoln V8 and C-6 tranny out of a 66 continental. After some simple wiring, a new carb, and fuel lines, the old Lincoln fired up and ran like a sewing machine. I had a vision of a big, jacked-up monster when I first saw this truck and I've been lining up parts ever since. I bought a 79' F-350 4x4 and robbed the ever precious dana 60 front end and posi-trac rear (complete with 4.10 gears), 460, 4 spd with granny low 1st, and transfer case. After buying 6 inch lift springs for the front, the Dana went in place with some custom mounts. Out back, I found that someone had swapped in a set of ton and a quarter springs from a 59'-60' F-500/600 so I just had them re-arched and added 4 inch blocks. I just need to go through the brakes, get drive shafts cut, and make sway bar mounts on the frame and my running gears will be done. I'm fortunate to have a decent body (for rust-belt WV). I am in need of a chrome grill and hood if I can find one for a decent price. I do have a 59 F-250 parts truck if anyone needs anything. I'll try to post some pics soon!

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