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Howdy from Phoenix, AZ Empty Howdy from Phoenix, AZ

Post  59'ER on November 28th 2014, 10:22 pm

Picked up a 59 F100 SWB two weeks ago for $1300. Seems it has been sitting since the Mid 90's where a mild resto was attempted. Looks like they painted it, dropped in a smallblock chevy & trans, looked like they got it going and enjoyed it, until...

Several bullet holes to the driver door/glass, missing driver bucket seat, so I assume things did not end well for the driver. Good news is the V.I.N. came back clean.

Anyhow, i've stripped the truck, sandblasted it, and have began to do the bodywork.

Ordered the power disc brake kit

Keeping the solid axle upfront, so exploring drop kit idea's at this point, that don't break the bank. Reverse springs? flip the rear springs in the back.

Hope there are some Arizona Guys on here, although i've only been here for two years from oklahoma.



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